Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards

Waipoua Lodge winner Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards 2014(5) Waipoua Lodge Winner

Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards

Konica Minolta – Excellence in Business | Owner Operator Award

Last night at Forum North in Whangarei, we were absolutely delighted to have been awarded the Westpac Northland Business Excellence Award in the Konica Minolta, Excellence in Business |Owner Operator category.

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Governor General’s Visit to Waipoua Lodge

Waipoua-Lodge---visit-by-the-Governor-General-October-2014Last night we were very fortunate to have the honour of hosting Sir Jerry Mateparae and his staff. The Governor General’s visit to Waipoua Lodge was part of a two day tour of Northland.

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New Zealand Traveltrade Article

Fodor's World Top 100 Hotel Winner Waipoua LodgeNew Zealand’s official tourism website has proudly promoted our Fodor’s World Top 100 Hotel achievement


2014 Fodor’s 100 Hotel Awards

Fodor's-ImageFodor’s Honours Waipoua Lodge

PRESS RELEASE: New York | 17th September 2014

Waipoua Lodge selected for the 2014 Fodor’s 100 Hotel Awards

We are absolutely delighted and thrilled to announce that Waipoua Lodge has been honoured as one of Fodor’s 2014 Top 100 Hotels in the World.

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Amazing ways to shape bread dough | Anat Ben-Ari

We make fresh dinner rolls and all sorts of other bread nearly every day at the lodge. Whilst I consider myself fairly creative, my good friend and fellow chef Martin Harrap has just shared this highly inspirational YouTube video – from Israeli, Anat Ben-Ari.

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Luxury Honeymoon Destination

Our son Matt was married to Julia at Waipoua Lodge

Our son Matt was married to Julia at Waipoua Lodge in February 2014

Only 3 hours from Auckland

Waipoua Lodge is a Luxury Honeymoon Destination

Whilst weddings are not possible at the lodge, we were able to hold our son’s wedding here in February this year. A wonderful occasion and these beautiful, tranquil and romantic surrounds are available as a luxury honeymoon destination.

Waipoua Lodge offers two great packages, either a two night stay or a three night stay.

Waipoua Lodge Honeymoon Guest Feedback

Best Ever Gluten Free Rice Bread Recipe

Waipoua Lodge Cooking School shares a special recipe

Gluten Free Rice Bread


We know that there are a lot of coeliacs (or just those who prefer not to eat gluten) who struggle to get a really great gluten free bread. If you’re looking for the best ever gluten free rice bread recipe, then the Waipoua Lodge Cooking School has the answer. Over the past three years Fran has developed this quick and simple recipe which she now shares in the hopes it will make a difference. 

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Cooking School for Kids

Budding 5 star little chefs can have heaps of fun at the Waipoua Lodge Cooking School for Kids!

Top of the list of skills is fresh ricotta (which can be turned into the most perfect gnocchi), scrummy pasta and of course kneading and shaping their own bread dough. So kids tell Mum & Dad that a stay at Waipoua Lodge would be fun PLUS you get to visit the ancient kauri trees which have been growing here for up to 3,000 years … that’s pretty old!!

Most Expensive Dinners in the World?

Luxury Accomodation Waipoua Lodge & Cooking School recommends French Laundry CookbookThe French Laundry is rated one of the top restaurants in the world so presumably it follow that they also provide perhaps one of the Most Expensive Dinners in the World?

At US$445 pp (including wine) this menu is an incredible work of culinary skill, fabulous ingredients and reflects the high standards of The French Laundry.

Not in your price bracket (especially if it includes an airfare to the Napa Valley, then like us you might like to invest in The French Laundry Cookbook where chef Thomas Keller shares some of his wonderful recipes and ideas, plus of course masterful culinary tips!

This You Tube link by Anthony Bourdain provides a wonderful insight into dining at The French Laundry and around 20 of the dishes from the menu.
You need to be patient to get to the actual French Laundry section – about 9 minutes in.

As with all the world’s great people, Thomas Keller is a very humble person simply following his passion and considering himself a very lucky person.
For his followers it seems absolute perfectionism, but for Thomas Keller he states “Perfectionism is something you never actually attain. It is only something you assert for, because once you reach it, it is not perfect. You have lost it, it’s gone – it can never be perfect”

Without doubt this is definitely the best stick blender on the market

Best-Stick-Blender-Recommended-by-Luxury-5-Star-Waipoua-LodgeThe Waipoua Lodge Cooking School is not in the habit of making recommendations unless something is really good BUT without doubt this is definitely the best stick blender on the market!

We bought a Breville BSB510W at the beginning of the year when chef Fran started to develop carpel tunnel using her old blender to make Waipoua Lodge’s signature dessert lemon souffle. Making as many souffles as Fran, problems can occur – the weight, start button, constant holding position and vibration were causing her middle finger to become numb and the vibration were going up through her wrist. In the morning the wrist was stiff and painful.

Great design features … from top to bottom

  1. Whilst the Breville BSB510 is actually heavier than Fran’s previous brand, the control grip design (with rubber non-slip section) means that you can rest the weight on the top of your fingers, the vibration is minimal and best of all there is a fantastic variable speed control switch!
  2. Attaching the stick wand and whisk on and off is a breeze – it clicks on and off and isn’t a twist lock which can become worn or even undo with the twisting motion of the end attachment.
  3. Fran had previously been REALLY frustrated with previous brands trying to align the lid of the mini blender bowl top but with the Breville it just drops easily into position.
  4. and finally the design of the stick wand if impresive – the cutting area becomes a fantastic vortex so that splattering is totally minimised and there is a rubber surface at the bottom to grip the bottom of the container.

Well done Breville – a brand which historically we have thought to be perhaps cheap and cheerful is now on our list of preferred brands!

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