Winter Snuggle Up With A Friend

Posted on June 9th, 2014

Winter-Snuggle-Up-With-a-Friend-Waipoua-Luxury-Lodge-New-ZealandCold weather must be here as seen in this winter snuggle up with a friend. Since the loss of our first Westie Hamish last December, Bonnie and our short haired Birman, Mc McFuggly have become a lot closer. Like true brother and sister their relationship goes from a winter snuggle up with a friend to chasing and stalking each other around the lounge and garden. Lovely to see the closeness that can exist when need arises!

Wednesday Morning Quiz

Posted on June 4th, 2014

Do you know the answer to this Wednesday Morning Quiz?

  1. What is still living
  2. Is in New Zealand
  3. Is 3,000 years old

Not many of us kiwis know the answer to this – do you and have you seen it ?

Want to see it?

From Luxury Lodge in New Zealand to Cornish Countryside!

Posted on May 31st, 2014

Luxury-Lodge-Wiki-Kiwi-living-in-UK-meets-Kunekune-DemelzaOne of Waipoua Lodge’s Wiki Kiwis, now living in England, has recently had a trip to the Cornish Countryside where she encountered a Kunekune named Demelza! Having been brought up in New Zealand with Kunekunes Holly & Bessy, Wiki was totally at ease and Demelza seemed to sense a connection with her distant heritage! We showed Holly and Bessy the photo and they immediately spotted the likeness although did point out that they did not have floppy ears and their snout was rather bigger and flatter (as we can see from our page header!)

How to whiten your teeth

Posted on May 16th, 2014

Want to know how to whiten your teeth?

We realise this is a very strange blog for Waipoua Lodge but we thought we just had to share this little gem told to us by Ian’s son Dan and girlfriend Charlotte … how to whiten your teeth … the answer is TUMERIC! We know this sounds absolutely crazy but it does seem to work. Simply pop some turmeric on your toothbrush twice a day and get brushing. Be careful not to get too much yellow on your skin as it is a little difficult to remove. Rinse and then brush with normal toothpaste or bicarbonate of soda … we dare you to try it ! Thanks Dan & Charlotte!

Best Non-Stick Fry Pan

Posted on April 13th, 2014

I just had to share my new love … a Ballarini Portofino Granitium frypan!

Ballarini Cookware

To be honest I had been pretty sceptical about these ‘stone’ finished pans that I had seen promoted at homeshows etc., but then I discovered Ballarini which is an Italian company who have been making pans since 1889 and still makes them today in Italy! Having owned one for only a few days I have to say that it has become my latest kitchen love. Everything just slides perfectly around and the caramalisation (browning) process is a breeze! So if you can get your hands on a Ballarini do so!!









Man versus kauri tree is like Man versus dinosaur!

Posted on April 9th, 2014

This amazing photo was posted by the Idaho Virtualization Laboratory and shows the size differential between a human skull and that of a Tyrannosaur. It made us think about the size of a human skull compared to a kauri tree!


As well as their size – what else do dinosaurs and kauri trees have in common?
They are both ancient and giant relics which puts mankind into perspective

What don’t they have in common?
One is extinct and one IS STILL LIVING TODAY and mankind can still stand next to it!

BUT … let’s make sure we keep it that way!


Come and visit New Zealand's own native "dinosaurs" in the Waipoua Forest

Come and visit New Zealand’s own native “dinosaurs” in the Waipoua Forest



NZ Luxury Accommodation Waipoua Lodge has a signature cocktail

Posted on March 27th, 2014

The Waipoua Forester’s Delight!

Luxury-Accommodation-New-Zealand,-Waipoua-Lodge's-Signature-Cocktail---the-Forester's-DelightAfter spending the day encountering the ancient and mighty trees of the Waipoua Forest,  like Tane Mahuta, what better way to relax than with a Waipoua Forester’s Delight cocktail.

NZ Luxury Accommodation Waipoua Lodge has a signature cocktail – the Waipoua Forester’s Delight. Delicious and very very smooth to drink this beautiful green concoction is perfect to have been chosen as the signature cocktail for Waipoua Lodge. Whilst packing a punch, the mix is creative and fun and what better background that the ancient Waipoua Forest. Host Ian says there are two ways you can enjoy a Waipoua Forester’s Delight …. come and experience Waipoua Lodge, or drop him an email and he’ll think about perhaps sharing his secret!

How to make a birthday really special

Posted on March 6th, 2014

At Waipoua Lodge we love to make a birthday really special


For 81 year old Albert who was passionate about the environment and trees this included quickly whipping up an Italian meringue kauri tree!
For all our guests our focus is on creating a memorable guest experience so be careful if you are celebrating a special occasion when you stay at the lodge – you will never know what we might do!

Waipoua Lodge Top 25 in South Pacific

Posted on February 28th, 2014

The news from TripAdvisor just got better ……

Waipoua Lodge has been awarded top 25 in South Pacific

We celebrated being in the top 25 in New Zealand for best small hotel, best luxury hotel and best romantic hotel, but we have also been awarded 12/25 for the best small hotel and 15/25 for the best luxury hotel in the SOUTH PACIFIC! This is wonderful news and thank you so much to all our wonderful guest reviews. We obviously can’t please everyone and when this happens it is disappointing but gives us an opportunity to review our business and what we do so that we continue to ensure that we provide the majority of our visitors with a memorable guest experience.

A very strange German habit!

Posted on December 31st, 2013

Dinner for One Waipoua Lodge Luxury Accommodation New Zealand

Incredibly every year on New Year’s eve in many European countries there is a very strange German habit! Continue reading »