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Travel the Twin Coast Discovery Highway to discover nearly all of New Zealand in just one region!

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand and have limited time, then a visit to Northland could give you just about all the scenery and experiences you could wish for and all in one easily accessible region only a couple of hours from Auckland.

The Twin Coast Discovery Highway is a circular tourist route around Northland with the Kauri Coast in the west and the Bay of Islands in the east.

With these two coastlines, plus the spiritual Cape Reinga, Northland alone provides visitors with just about the total New Zealand experience!

Both coasts offer much of the unspoilt natural beauty for which New Zealand is famous, but in addition each coastline has a diverse but complementary aspect making this a one stop region.

The east coast Bay of Islands is well known for its fantastic ‘blue water’ activities – this is complemented by the wild and rugged west Kauri Coast.

Discover the secrets and natural wonders of the unspoilt and often undiscovered Kauri Coast

To the west, as well as also offering many aspects enjoyed on the east coast, theĀ ancient Kauri Coast provides:

  • Native forests home to kauri trees which have been growing for thousands of years
  • Waterfalls, rivers and pristine native bush
  • The birthplace of Maori culture
  • Wild & rugged ocean beaches
  • Sand dune safaris
  • Pioneering history
  • Crystal clear lakes
  • Wildlife – kiwi in natural habitat
  • Expansive rural vistas and farmland