NZ Luxury Accommodation Waipoua Lodge has a signature cocktail

The Waipoua Forester’s Delight!

Luxury-Accommodation-New-Zealand,-Waipoua-Lodge's-Signature-Cocktail---the-Forester's-DelightAfter spending the day encountering the ancient and mighty trees of the Waipoua Forest,  like Tane Mahuta, what better way to relax than with a Waipoua Forester’s Delight cocktail.

NZ Luxury Accommodation Waipoua Lodge has a signature cocktail – the Waipoua Forester’s Delight. Delicious and very very smooth to drink this beautiful green concoction is perfect to have been chosen as the signature cocktail for Waipoua Lodge. Whilst packing a punch, the mix is creative and fun and what better background that the ancient Waipoua Forest. Host Ian says there are two ways you can enjoy a Waipoua Forester’s Delight …. come and experience Waipoua Lodge, or drop him an email and he’ll think about perhaps sharing his secret!

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