A very strange German habit!

Dinner for One Waipoua Lodge Luxury Accommodation New Zealand

Incredibly every year on New Year’s eve in many European countries there is a very strange German habit!

For some unknown reason for the last fifty or sixty years, every New Year’s Eve on television they show Dinner for One a very old British music hall comedy! It appears from guests at Waipoua Lodge that this bizarre tradition of watching this is the “same procedure as last year” for just about everyone in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland … and possibly more! Fran knew of Freddie Frinton but had absolutely no knowledge of ‘Dinner for One’ until a German guest alerted us to its existence. So as it is New Year …. click on the link and start a new tradition!!

Wish you a very happy New Year and a very healthy & prosperous 2014

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