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Handmade Artisan Bath & Body products made right here at Waipoua Lodge. You are able to purchase products at the lodge during your stay or on the website


More about it below:

Here at Fat Cat Bath and Body, we go back to the basics of soap making. We make our soaps using the Cold Process method, this method dates back thousands of years. We use vegetable oils, clays, botanicals, essential oils, body-safe fragrances and micas to create our soaps and body products. All of our products are completely palm oil free apart from our Salt & Sugar scrubs which have a plant derived Stearic Acid with palm oil from a sustainable plantation. Our products are always paraben & sulfate free. Our fragrance oils are Phthalate free & we never test on animals.


Our main goal is to educate people about the wonders of natural skin care, and to take our pledge of buying bar soap. Plastic pollution is now at a stage where we may not be able to save our planet. But with your help we can educate people on making the change to bar soap to prevent more plastic waste, plus bar soap is much more safe than body washes you may buy from the supermarket.


So make the pledge today and swap over to bar soap! I promise you will not be disappointed.

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