Great New Zealand Holiday Destination

The Four Sisters - individual trees with identical genes growing togetherThe Herald on Sunday (9.9.13) in Tim Roxborogh’s article “Northland: Dwarfed by immensity” hits the nail on the head – the Kauri Coast is not just for international visitors – it is ‘a MUST goer’ for kiwis holidaying at home!

Without doubt Northland is a great New Zealand Holiday Destination, offering two breathtaking and diverse coastlines, three Maori spiritual and cultural destinations, not to mention some of the best authentic hospitality Aotearoa has to offer. It is no wonder so many international visitors come to Northland. But did you know that the Kauri Coast is the undiscovered jewel in the crown which only 1 in 10 Northland visitors experience – maybe that’s why our trees have lived here since bronze age man! Spread the word ….. but not too far!

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