Kunekune pig turns off luxury accommodation water supply!


The water at our luxury accommodation came to a grinding halt around 6.00 pm last night and the cause was not quite what we expected!

On investigation we discovered the dangers of storing a bin of pig nuts in the pump shed! One of Waipoua Lodge’s pedigree kunekune pigs (Millview Ataahua aka Holly) decided to go for a little escapade, pushed open the door and knocked over the dustbin (luckily with a clip lid) containing the pig nuts. In the course of her actions the bin hit the power supply and sufficiently dislodged the plug to stop the pump! What followed was a very large pig (appx 80kgs) trying to remove the lid of the pig nut bin in a small 2m x 2m space! Thankfully the loss of water was an early alert so no more damage done – although we don’t think Holly’s stomach wouldn’t agree with that!

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