Maori Cultural Experience  | Waipoua Forest

Join a local Maori guide on a journey

At the Waipoua Forest Visitor’s Centre, the Te Roroa Maori guide Jane Matthews is wonderful at sharing her special heritage with guests. She will take you on a journey to learn about her authentic Maori heritage. Families with children can spend special time learning traditional Maori games, singing a Maori song (waiata), or perhaps learning how to weave a flax flower like our Danish guests, use the traditional poi poi balls or other crafts.

Jane can also take you on a 1.5 hour guided walk that starts with an activity learning about native plants and how they were traditionally used by Maori and then during the course of the walk she talks about the environment and the history of the Waipoua Forest together with the life cycles and habits of the native birds.

Truly an educational and very special experience not to be missed.

The cost starts from $25 per adult & $15 per child or $60 for a family
(2 adults & 2 children)

Learn to weave a flax flower