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Support the Waipoua Forest Trust


Leave a legacy to your future generations

Waipoua Forest is recognised as a national treasure of outstanding international significance and you too can be part of the regeneration programme. There are two ways that you can support our environment through the Waipoua Forest Trust:


Adopt your very own kauri tree

The Waipoua Forest Trust together with the New Zealand Native Forest Restoration Trust owns all the land around Waipoua Lodge and we work closely with them to support the regeneration of our surroundings. When you stay at Waipoua Lodge you can have the opportunity of spending time with the environmental team learning all about the reproduction and growth, plus select and adopt your very own tree. The cost is from $125.00 (incl GST).


Kiwi Sanctuary Project

The Waipoua Forest Trust is currently engaged in a project to regenerate kiwi into the Waipoua Forest. Historically there used to be high numbers of kiwi in this forest, but due to pests such as rats, possums and wild pigs, the numbers have declined drastically. This Kiwi Sanctuary Project is currently looking for donations to erect a 4km fence which will contain the baby kiwi until they are of a predator safe size and able to be released into the main forest. We have been donated all the materials by a Northland Forestry Company, we just now need some funding to help build the fence.

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