Sad Loss of our West Highland White Hamish

Waipoua Lodge's Hamish

It has been tough to actually do this blog as we come to terms with the sad loss of our special and precious West Highland White, Hamish who passed away on 11th December. He had been a part of our lives for nearly 13 years and there is obviously quite a gap to now join together. 

Except for mealtimes, Hamish was a considerate chap and he even waited until we had a good gap between guests to take his leave. In addition, our daughter Naomi was due to fly in from Melbourne early the next morning and our son’s fiance Julia could take a day off school, so together with our staff Eva and Pat we had a lovely little burial in the garden. Bonnie is a little lost and having to put up with twice the cuddles and Mr McFuggly is being his usual demanding self plus providing an even higher level of crazy entertaining behaviour.

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