Storm Damage in Waipoua Forest

Waipoua Lodge’s kunekune piggies Holly & Bessy are a little upset about who moved their water trough yesterday!
As the storms swept through New Zealand the Waipoua Forest was hit with several trees falling and blocking the road north. Our gallant local Waipoua Forest Trust worked through the night clearing the massive trunks.

For Waipoua Lodge it also meant some massive tree falls with two falling from the pig pen, breaking the fence and thankfully landing just short of our watertanks! In the process Holly and Bessy’s water trough was picked up, emptied and left high and dry! Two other tree roots have also been lifted and we have decided that all the trees around the pen need to be felled. Joking apart we are very thankful that our two “mud ladies” were not hurt during these storms. We also had a dead cabbage tree fall in front of our bedroom – again luckily with no damage to the house or animals.

Kunekune Pigs Holly & Bessy Looking for their Water Trough Holly and Bessy's water trough thrown up during the storms Waipoua Lodge tree uprooted by the storms destroys the fence Waipoua Lodge fence destroyed by fallen tree during storm Waipoua Lodge dead cabbage tree falls in recent storms

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