Westpac Northland Business Awards 2013 – Waipoua Lodge Finalist


Westpac Northland Business Awards 2013

Waipoua Lodge named as a Finalist

As a result of our TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award, we were asked by the Northland Chamber of Commerce to enter this year’s business awards and on Friday 25th October at the Gala Dinner we were absolutely delighted to be named a finalist which put us in the top 3 of 9 strong contenders. Entering the awards was a great opportunity to review our whole business operation and after less than 3 years to have achieved this level of success is very rewarding. Thank you Westpac and the Chamber of Commerce for providing businesses throughout New Zealand with this great opportunity.

Noticeable Strengths:

The following aspects stood out to the judges:

  1. Great facilities. Well thought out renovation and upgrade plan.
  2. Great engagement and energy displayed by the owners
  3. A clear understanding of where the lodge is positioned in the market. The drive for quality was evident, the surrounds, the lodge, the food and service all clearly aligned with this.
  4. The owners’ prior experience in corporate roles stood out in the strong evidence of business planning and the strategic focus.
  5. The prior point was also evident in the systems and processes. There was clear evidence of robust management information systems, with data not only being collected, but monitored, analysed and the applied in decision making. There was also comfort that a new owner could purchase the business and would have all of the necessary IP, systems and processes for a smooth transition.
  6. Great community focus. In addition, the owners understood the importance of working with the wider community to create a destination. The need to not operate in isolation as a business was clearly understood with plans and activities already implemented in this regard.

The judges would like to congratulate Ian and Fran for a very good application and wish them every success as this business continues to develop.

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