Where to buy a West Highland White Terrier

Our two West Highland White Terriers – Hamish and Bonnie – are such a huge part of our life and also that of Waipoua Lodge and its guests. On many occasions New Zealand guests ask where to go to get a puppy so we thought we would share our thoughts with you.

In New Zealand we are really fortunate to have one of the best breeders in the world – Maureen Murphy – Whitebriar Tel (+64) 07 8246999 or email At Crufts 2013, the West Highland White Terrier Bests of Breed was Whitebriar Jaw Dropper! Maureen’s beautiful show dogs and pets are around the globe and we are so very lucky to have two of them in our lives and living with us at Waipoua Lodge – Hamish (13) and  Bonnie (9).

Hamish’s dad was the New Zealand Champion Whitebriar Junkyard Dog who sadly passed away three years ago, but Bonnie’s Dad is Bellevue Highland Fling one of Maureen’s first imported UK champions who is now living a life in retirement. The mum’s were from very good stock too, but not quite so important of course!

Westies require the simple pleasures in life (they don’t actually need to live in 5 star luxury accommodation like Waipoua Lodge!) – all they need is love!

West Highland Whites can be prone to skin and ear problems so it is really important to get a puppy from a breeder who understands all these issues and avoids the traumas inter-breeding can bring. We can highly recommend Maureen as a wonderful caring breeder for anyone looking to buy a West Highland White Terrier, either for a very special Westie to show, or simply an adoring pet.


Our Bonnie’s Dad – UK Champion Bellevue Highland Fling

Best of Breed Crufts 2013 - West Highland White - Whitebriar Jaw Dropper

2013 Cruft’s Best of Breed is Whitebriar Jaw Dropper


From the Whitebriar Kennels – Hamish and Bonnie are both very special