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Maunganui Bluff Beach

Thank you to our past guest Allan Ameche for allowing us to use this stunning image of Maunganui Bluff

The Kauri Coast in Contrast to the Bay of Islands


In contrast to the pristine, calm waters of the East Coast and Bay of Islands, the Kauri Coast is rugged, wild, exhilarating, uninhabited and often undiscovered.

Kauri Coast ocean beaches are places to reflect and wonder in awe at the magnificence of the New Zealand landscape.

Situated approximately 16 kms from Waipoua Lodge, Maunganui Bluff Beach is an amazing example of the wild and rugged west coast of Northland, New Zealand.

This untamed coast looks directly onto the Tasman Sea and standing on the beach if you looked out to sea there is nothing for over 2,000 kms until way over the horizon you would find Australia!

Renowned for its natural minerals and pre-historic rock formations, Maunganui Bluff Ocean Beach is a perfect place to walk, relax and enjoy the breathtaking surrounds and crashing surf which can be dangerous.

At low tide the famous New Zealand green lipped mussels can be gathered from the rocks and brought back to the Lodge to become a delicious entree!

Road access to the beach is easy – follow SH12 south from the lodge for 10 kms and then turn right – signposted Maunganui Bluff.  Although this road is unsealed/metal it is well maintained and presents no problem for driving.  It is about 6 kms out to the beach and parking is only a stone’s throw away from the golden sand.

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