Experience authentic New Zealand hospitality

in a breathtaking ancient and natural environment

Waipoua Lodge
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Nestled on a ridge overlooking the vast Waipoua Forest, where iconic kauri trees have been living for 3,000 years, Waipoua Lodge offers luxury accommodation in an original homestead surrounded by native forest and pasture stretching as far as the eye can see.

As well as award winning hospitality, the purpose of a stay at the lodge is to experience the Waipoua Forest. A forest where only native bird song breaks a deafening silence whilst you stand in awe, surrounded by trees that have been living here since bronze age man.

Your experience will be enhanced with authentic stories, memorabilia and history of the mighty kauri and the early pioneers who fought the odds to live in this challenging environment 100 years ago. At Waipoua Lodge you can have the same authentic experience, but today delivered in the comfort of a New Zealand luxury 5 star accommodation.

Our four luxury and spacious guest suites (The Stables, Calf Pen, Woolshed & Tack Room) are all located in the old farm outbuildings.

Waipoua Lodge is perfect for a 1, 2 or 3 night stay to relax and enjoy all of the Kauri Coast, but if time is limited, one night is perfect to enjoy meeting the ancient trees.

The Kauri Coast

Naturally New Zealand’s ancient, eco & cultural destination

For the best visitor experience and scenic vistas, remember to visit the Kauri (west) Coast en-route to the Bay of Islands (east coast)

Travel Northland Clockwise

Take the Kauri Coast pathway to the Bay of Islands

Northland offers so much of the natural environment which is our beautiful Aotea-roa and Northland starts within an easy 2 hour drive of Auckland Airport.

For the best scenic vistas and experiences, we highly recommend that you journey clockwise, starting the Kauri (west) Coast with a visit to the award winning Kauri Museum before you encounter the ancient and mighty kauri trees of Waipoua Forest. You can then continue your pathway to the Bay of Islands and Cape Reinga.

Waipoua Lodge Awarded TripAdvisor 2013-2016 Travellers Choice Award

2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Travellers’ Choice Award

Top 25 New Zealand and South Pacific

Waipoua Lodge is a little piece of luxury etched in history where you can experience authentic New Zealand hospitality and luxury accommodation set in an historic pioneering setting, whilst travelling Northland’s scenic Twin Coast Discovery Highway along the Kauri (west) Coast.

Waipoua Lodge is an experience to be enjoyed and remembered

With only four luxury guest suites we offer somewhere very special to relax and unwind whilst indulging yourself in some delicious cuisine, personal and warm hospitality, plus of course spectacular scenery of  the unspoilt natural ancient Kauri Coast environment.